Wedding Maria Vittoria Paolillo and Federico Galleria del Cardinale

Maria Vittoria Paolillo and Federico

Bride: Maria Vittoria Paolillo
Groom: Federico
Ceremony: S. Antonio dei Portoghesi, Campo Marzio
Reception: Galleria del Cardinale

Maria Vittoria Paolillo and Federico were married in Rome, she is a young jewelry designer and an important influencer for several fashion companies, she chose for the Religious ceremony the Church of Sant’Antonio dei Portoghesi while the reception was held at the Galleria del Cardinale that for the occasion has set up its rooms as if it were a garden of winter.

Sant’Antonio dei Portoghesi Church

Maria Vittoria Paolillo and Federico

The Church of Sant’Antonio in Campo Marzio, also known as Church of Sant’Antonio dei Portoghesi, is a place of Catholic worship in the historic center of Rome.
Located in the heart of the Campo Marzio district, it is the national church of the Portuguese community in Rome.
The church was rebuilt by the Portuguese in 1638 entrusting the work to Martino Longhi the Younger who took over in 1674 Carlo Rainaldi who built the dome. The facade of the church, by Martino Longhi (1636-38), is in two orders. In the lower floor there are three portals: the central one is surmounted by a triangular tympanum that encloses a winged angel in marble surrounded by festoons. The upper level is dominated by a large window and the Braganza coat of arms, an ancient Portuguese family who helped the church financially. Two figures of seated angels complete the facade. The interior is rich in polychrome marble and has a Latin cross plan. On the sides there are six chapels with sculptures and paintings including a table with images of the Madonna and St. Anthony, by Antoniazzo Romano (1435-1509).
Here the link to the Church.

Galleria del Cardinale

Settings Galleria del Cardinale

Galleria del Cardinal occupies a wing of Palazzo Colonna one of the largest and oldest palaces of Rome; its origins date back to medieval times, when the building had more than anything else the appearance of a fortress. A first change will be made with Oddone Colonna, elected to the papal throne in 1417 with the name of Martino V, who has restored and enlarged the palazzo. The moment of greatest splendor, however, comes at the time of Cardinal Girolamo who, in the second half of the seventeenth century, built one of the first galleries of the city, specially designed to host the many works of art of the collection, which will be significantly increased by his nephew Lorenzo Onofrio. Today the Galleria Colonna, which is in itself already a work of art, boasts absolute masterpieces, such as the Mangiafagioli by Annibale Carracci, the Venus del Bronzino and several paintings of the Bolognese school.

The Event has been viewed by the Weddingg Planner Eva Presutti

The photo shoot was maded by Nabis Photographers instead the Wedding video was made by Blackandlight Film

Thi is the Wedding Teaser:

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