Wedding in Tuscany, Tuscan Wedding

Wedding in Tuscany

Wedding in Tuscany, Grosseto, Oratory of the Madonna della Pace in Cerri Alti.

Tuscany is a region rich in history and beauties. Many Italian and foreign couples who decide to marry in this region. The destination of the marriage of foreigners celebrated in the beautiful country is made right in this region. take a look at this blog article from the wedding Enterprise. The provinces of Siena , Grosseto, Florence, Arezzo, Prato, Pistoia and all the others have around hills and ideal sceneries for such an important day. If you want to know more about Tuscany and its beauties here is a wonderful guide made by the site Discover Tuscany

Wedding in Tuscany Panoramic View

The Wedding

Federica and Luigi were married in the province of Grosseto and celebrated the religious ceremony at the Oratory of the Madonna dei Cerri Alti, a small church in the middle of the Tuscan campaign. Both were prepared near the church. Federica in the near Agriturismo Il Bonzalone , while Luigi at casale podere le valleys which was also the theater of lunch and wedding reception.
The ceremony was very suggestive and after the spouses about 20 minutes were absent for the usual ritual photos. Guests were entertained by the notes of a beautiful jazz queintetto and lunch was served under a huge structure with a single table. The cake was made with the beautiful Tuscan countryside behind and then the dances were opened until sunset.

Wedding Federica and Luigi

Here comes the Bride Oratory of the Madonna della Pace in Cerri Alti

The Cerimony at the Oratory of the Madonna della Pace in Cerri Alti.

Oratory of the Madonna della Pace in Cerri Alti.

Detail hay bales Here comes the Bride Oratory of the Madonna della Pace in Cerri Alti

The church is very small and is located right in the middle of the Tuscan countryside, the Oratory is surrounded by olive trees and vines and is truly a very suggestive environment. Given the number of guests Federica and Luigi have decided to make the religious rite right next to the church and the set up was done with care and passion. Instead of the classic chairs, hay bales were placed and the result was very elegant. This the Link Wikipedia ofOratory of the Madonna della Pace in Cerri Alti.

Rito Religioso Oratorio della Madonna della Pace ai Cerri Alti

Lunch at the Podere le Valli

Allestimenti Matrimonio toscana

Ingresso sposi casale podere le valli

The lunch was done under a cover right in the middle of the countryside, and the settings were very well kept. Very exciting was the arrival of the sposi, all the guests waved their napkins that made the scenery very suggestive. The dishes were obviously chosen among the Tuscan culinary tradition and between toast and choirs the party passed quickly. The cake was made in a fairly small space but the background of the Tuscan countryside really left speechless. Afterwards, newlyweds and guests moved to the space that had hosted the aperitif and the dances that lasted until sunset were opened.

detail dances window

The photo and video service was taken care of by Blackandlight Film of Rome.

Below the Wedding trailer

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