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Best Wedding Venues in Rome

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Millenary downtown locations or country villas:
how to let your guests live an unforgettable holiday.

Think about a dream, think about your wedding dream. Rome is one of the most fascinating and timeless wedding location in the world. Think. Choose it and keep on dreaming!
If you are thinking about you and your guests to visit Rome during a short holiday taking advantage of the wedding, you will succed. The Eternal City actually offers lots of dreamful locations to get married, both downtown Rome and just outside the town.
Getting married in Rome is quite easy wheather you choose a civil, a religious or a symbolic cerimony. If you choose a civil wedding you can choose among three official and marvellous locations: Campidoglio Wedding Hall, close to the Colosseum and the Roman Forum; Villa Lais Wedding Hall and Caracalla Wedding Hall, a wonderful venue immersed in the Roman ruins of the Baths of Caracalla. Since October 2015 you can also choose a private location, certainly more intimate and customised.
You can choose even a wedding ceremony at St Peter’s Basilica in a private chapel within the basilica. Whether you choose a civil ceremony eigther a religious one, it is important you ask to your embassy or consulate or to your religious referent what documents you need. And you generally have to provide them 180 days before your wedding cerimony.
Therefore, get married downtown or choosing a country villa? Let us debunk a mith about big cities, or better, look at the uniqueness of Rome. If you are thinking of Rome as the venue for your wedding you certainly desire your guests can have almost a short relaxing holiday and that they can visit the city. So be happy with your choice!
If you choose to get married downtown you can also choose among marvellous locations in the city also quiet, romantic and surrounded by the greenery. So you and your guests can easily visit Rome. If you prefer to have your wedding party just outside the city, there are plenty of beautiful ancient villas at less then 40 minutes from the city centre.
Your wedding can be an unforgettable experience, not only an ‘one day experience’, for you and also for all your guests. It is therefore really important to choose the wedding location that best fits your needs and your dream.

Villa Miani

Villa Miani

Villa Miani is really a dream come true: it is in Rome but surrounded by acree of extremely cured English style lawn. It is an extraordinary neoclassic building that overlooks the city, a short step from the city centre. Villa Miani was built in 1873 on the top a hill, Monte Mario, and offers to the couples the elegance and prestige of a historic home combined with all the comforts of a building designed for events. It is also the perfect choice for who has many guests and needs lots of space: on the groundfloors there are a hall and a patio for 500 people sitting, and other smaller halls.

Casina di Macchia Madama

Casina di Macchia Madama

Casina di Macchia Madama in on Monte Mario hill too, and is a little jewel that takes its name from the wood that surroundes it. It guarantees an elegant, quiet and absolutely descreet wedding venue just close to the city. A place that will reminds you about a tale from Shakespeare and the perfect staging and table decoration of the best italian service.

Casina Valadier

Casina Valadier

Casina Valadier is one of the most fascinating places of Rome, just a short step from the centre. For these reasons people love it very much and many couples choose it as their wedding venue in Rome. It is a neoclassical building with a cubic body and wonderful rooms decorated in Pompeian style, whose beautiful frescoes have been recently restored and brought back to their original splendor. Casina Valadier offers the perfect environment for fairy-tale and out of time weddings at any time of the year because each season has its specific strengths: blossoming of the nature in spring, full exploitation of the outdoor spaces in the summer, the magical lights autumn and magical suggestions in winter.

Galleria del Cardinale

In the heart of Rome you can find one of the most elegant wedding venue of the world. Galleria del Cardinale occupies in fact a part of Palazzo Colonna the largest noble residence in Rome and probably the most beautiful private in the Italian capital. It is a rare example of majesty, and Italian and foreign couples choose Galleria del Cardinale to live a wedding event certainly uncommon for elegance and poetry.

Bracciano Castle

Castello di Bracciano

Il Castello Odescalchi – in Bracciano, just 30 minutes from Rome– is certainly one of the most beautiful and imposing Renaissance mansions in Europe. And many celebrities, as Martin Scorsese, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes has already chosen it as their wedding venue. The Castle’s breathtaking scenery is in fact an idyllic setting for truly memorable weddings. It is a 15th century five-towered castle that sits at the lakes’ edge with an incomparabile view. It can host wedding banquets for more than 400 people because has wide internal rooms and elegant gazebos set up in the surrounding gardens. You and your guests can not be disappointed by choosing Castello Odescalchi di Bracciano: it can be the extraordinary venue for a memorable wedding day.

Tenuta di Ripolo

Tenuta di Ripolo

Close to Bracciano Lake and 40 minutes from Rome, you can also choose of getting married in an enchanting Italian villa. The Tenuta di Ripolo – once a hunting lodge belonging to the noble Odescalchi family– is in fact considered one of the most spectacular destination wedding in Italy, as it is surrounded by rolling hills and woods teeming with wildlife. Expecially during the summer the landscaped grounds that lead down to the pool provide a real magical setting. The Tenuta has wide indoor and outdoor spaces and is a perfect venue for a romantic wedding. The Palazzo delle Feste can host over 500 people in its two multifunctional banqueting halls, but nevertheless it is a very discreet and esclusive location. One of the most impressive feature is the ballroom on the top floor that is adorned with massive travertine fireplaces and Medieval suits of armor.

Torcrescenza Castle

Castello di Tor Crescenza

Just a few minutes from the centre of Rome, surrounded by green –in a secular park in the north side of Rome– there is another majestic castel, Torrecrescenza Castle. The principal structure dates back to the ‘400, and is still inhabited by an ancient titled household. Castello di Torcrescenza is the perfect location for couples who want to live a timeless tale, a medieval old-fashioned tale, and for those who have many guests. The castle has a wonderful terrace orviewing a blooming park in which you can find quiet and relax. It is in fact enclosed by Parco di Roma Golf Club and allows you and your guests to have an exclusive holiday too.

Castelluccia Castle

Castello della Castelluccia is a charming castle just outside Rome, famous as the hotel of the noble Muti lineage as early as 1364 when already offered refreshments to travellers heading to Rome. Choosing it as your wedding venue will be a trustworthy decision as you and your guests certainly will find the same welcoming spirit as in the past and the same elegant but modern and full optional rooms and halls. Castello della Castelluccia is the ideal venue both for a wedding day and a holiday as it has a small wellness centre with relax area with steam room and hydromassage tubs, and a wonderfull outdoor pool. The complex has also two consacrated places where to celebrate a catholic wedding cerimony, one indoor and one outdoor, both extremely romantic and rare.

The Posta Vecchia

Who loves the sea above all else can choose Tenuta The Posta Vecchia and find his own paradise. It is a seaside resort built from Orsini lineage in 1640 and it was home to Paul Getty during the 60s. It now keeps memory of a secular history through magnificent mosaics, ancient artefacts and furnishing of Getty’s collection. La Posta Vecchia is definetely an extraordinary location with historic style, ideal as a romantic and elegant wedding venue and for a memorable relaxing holiday in every season: it is in fact located by the sea and has also a marvelous heated-indoor pool, a wellness centre and lush gardens around.

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