Wedding Casalattico Frosinone Miriam and Federico

Matrimonio Miriam e Federico Casalattico Frosinone

Bride: Miriam
Groom: Federico
Ceremony: San Barbato Church
Reception: Borgo di Lecci

Casalattico is located on a hill in the stretch of the Val di Comino crossed by the river Melfa and its history is marked by Rome. The name, in fact, comes from Pomponius Atticus, a friend of Cicerone who had a house here. And the Roman is the suggestive bridge over the Melfa river, and right here, in the gracious church of San Barbato Bishop , Miriam and Federico have decided to exchange their “YES”.

Chiesa di San Barbato

Wedding Miriam and Federico San Barbato Church

In the Centre of the village is the parish church dedicated to Saint Baba Bishop, built in 1517 as can be seen from the graph placed in the west wall of the bell tower and was remodeled in the seventh and eighth century. It has three naves with the central one covered with barrel vaulting and the side covered with cross vaults. The transept has a chapel on the left with the choir called the chapel of the Blessed Sacrament. Inside, just above the central door, there is the choir with a “Catarinozzi” wooden organ from the seventeenth century, restored in 2003.

Borgo di Lecci

Matrimonio Miriam e Federico Borgo di Lecci

Surrounded by the natural wonders of the Valle di Roveto, the Borgo dei Lecci it is a charming location to be discovered; The property is surrounded by a large park of oaks, oaks and olive trees between large green lawns and a large swimming pool, ideal for relaxing in an enchanting outdoor aperitif.
The large internal courtyard characterized by arcades and rustic stone architecture can accommodate up to 800 guests.
The structure contains within it two wonderful air-conditioned rooms, characterized by impressive wooden trusses, perfect to accommodate guests if the weather was not the best.

Thi is the Wedding Short Movie:

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