Wedding at Monastero Santa Scolastica Vicovaro Castle

Lancio Riso Ivan e Lavinia

Bride: Lavinia
Groom: Ivan
Ceremony: Monastery di Santa Scolastica (Subiaco)
Reception: Vicovaro Castle

Santa Scolastiva Drone

The Monastery of Santa Scolasticais located east ofSubiaco, at 510 meters high, and is arranged longitudinally and parallel to the valley, where, for centuries, they lived in contemplation and in prayer, hermits and monks, who deserved the name of “holy valley”.
Of the twelve monasteries desired by Saint Benedict in the sublacense valley, the only survivor of earthquakes and Saracen destruction was that of Santa Scolastica, which, until the end of the 12th century, was the only monastery of Subiaco. Originally it was called “Monastery of San Silvestro”, later (IX century) it was called “Monastery of San Benedetto and Santa Scolastica” and in the XIV century it took the current name.
And it was in this place of worship that Ivan and Lavinia were married.

Monastery Santa Scolastica Ivan e Lavinia

After the Ceremony, the spouses decided to have some video taken in the evocative Cloister in the Monastery, also called Chiostro dei Cosmati, dating back to beginning of 1210.

For the reception instead, the young couple chose the Vicovaro Castle, where inside its elegant halls, evocative atmospheres are created, between antique furniture and hanging gardens.
The Vicovaro Castle, today also known as Palazzo Cenci Bolognetti, is a medieval residence that contains a sumptuous eighteenth-century palace. It was built around the year 1260 to try to prevent the passage to the troops of Carlo D’Angiò along the Via Valeria, below the fortress. The structure was then added to local rooms and salons that saw many popes and sovereigns staying. At the end of the 17th century, the castle passed into the hands of the Bolognetti family who built it and enlarged it. An outdoor theater was also built

Castello di Vicovaro Ballo Sposi

In this enchanted place the bride and groom celebrated their most important day with their guests.

This is the Wedding Film blades Blackandlight Film: Wedding Santa Scolastica | Vicovaro Castle – Ivan e Lavinia.


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