Iranian Wedding at Tor Crescenza Castle Rome

Iranian Wedding Nina e Mohsen

Bride: Nina
Groom: Mohsen
Ceremony: Tor Crescenza Castle
Reception: Tor Crescenza Castle

Nina and Mohsen got married in the prestigious location of Tor Crescenza Castle near Rome; they celebrated the ceremony of the ash-kanān in the meadow to the left of the main structure of the Castle; in this rite the couple sit next to each other in front of the wedding feast (Sofreh-ye Aghd), which is decorated with symbolic objects such as the Koran, the mirror, the candlestick, the water, the bread and other foodstuffs and on their head is kept a silk cloth whose two flaps are in the hands of women, while another woman crumbles two cones of sugar inside this cloth so that small pieces fall on the head of the future spouses;
After the ceremony, the couple had dinner with their guests in the beautiful courtyard of the Castle and then continue the evening with music and dancing in the entrance hall of the house.

The Tor Crescenza Castle

Tor Crescenza Castle

Located on the outskirts of Northern Rome, the Tor Crescenza Castle is surrounded by the Parco di Roma Golf Club, a prestigious location for events and ceremonies. It was built by the Marquis Francesco Crescenzi in the place where there was an ancient watchtower of 1100, and then it was expanded during the Middle Ages when the family took possession of most of the surrounding area.
The location is protected by the Superintendency of Fine Arts also because inside it you can discover works of art, frescoes, statues and fountains of great historical and artistic value.
In the castle there is a wide choice of environments, all different and fascinating. From the first courtyard, the cloister with its Jardin d’Hiver, the terraces, the gardens, the fountains and water games.

Tor Crescenza Castle

Thi is the Wedding Trailer:

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