Getting Married in Italy, Italian Destination Wedding.


Getting Married in Italy,
Italian Destination Wedding

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From North to South, pictoresque venues and well run locations. Perfect wedding destinations in every month of the year.

You have finally decided to get married, why not to do it in Italy? Getting married in Italy will be an opportunity to live a dream and also an unforgettable holiday, for you and for all your guests too. There are indeed many reasons why the couples decide to get married in Italy: first of all the amazing destinations from North to South of the Italian boot, including the islands, and not least the weather. Not for nothing many celebrities got married in Italy!

Italian style: in planning events and organizing weddings.

And so why foreigners choose Italy as a wedding destination? Let us go through the main topics that support the good reasons to organize your wedding in Italy. First of all the italian style. Italians are famous for their traditional weddings and, generally speaking, for planning marvellous events: the result is today a real competence in perfectly planning a wedding from A to Z: venue and cerimony, food and caterer, florist and haidresser, and obviously live music.

Choose a wedding planner in Italy, share your desires and needs for you and for your guest, and you will be in safe hands in order to have a perfect wedding and an unforgettable staying, just as you and your guests dreamed of. Hiring a wedding planner is ideal for managing everything about a wedding even more if you are planning to get married in a different Country and you need someone who knows places, references, habits – in order to live stress-free.
As for the food, you will be in safe hands everywhere too. A wedding cerimony will be perfectly curated and a wedding meal will be unfogettable for your guest, with a wide variety of courses and wines because each region of Italy has its own specialties.

Almost always delightful weather.

Secondly the weather. Which is the most beautiful season to marry in Italy? The one you prefer. It means that every season has good reasons to be choosen to get married. December and January are perfect in a big city as Rome, Florence or Milan as well as small town both in the South or in the North of Italy: in winter season cities are dressed for Christmas for many weeks from the end of November almost tlil the end of January.

Autumn, from end of October to the half of November, is the rainest period in Italy and most foreigners obviously prefer spring and summer to get married in Italy. The wedding season ‘officialy’ begins in April and goes to the middle of October, but many Italian and foreign couples decide for February and March due to the off-season, that means lower costs and greater availability of wedding locations.

Luoghi Memorabili

April and May are the months of the blooming season. The climate could be rainy but is  generally temperate with many sunny days. And a rain is not a problem choosing a venue and a location suitable for an indoor wedding too!
June and July are perfect everywhere, in seaside venues, in the countryside and in big cities as Rome, as you can choose an historical wedding location and then go outside the city in an ancient villa to have the wedding party.

September and October are the final months of the wedding season in Italy. September in particular has warm days with cool nights, perfect for a wedding ceremony both in the morning or in the afternoon. October starts dressing the autumn colors and also offers good prices.

All of the months are therefore great during the wedding season. The decision depends on how you want to live your wedding day and the holiday that you and your guests are going to spend in Italy.

Breathtaking memorable venues.

So, are not you thinking about Italy as a wedding destination for its marvellous venues? Certainly yes, as all the couples famous or not famous that chose it to immortalize their love story in picturesque landscapes.
The first celebrities who got married in Italy were Tyrone Power and Linda Christian in 1949. The handsome star and the first Bond girl chose the Church of Santa Francesca Romana in Rome. It was a memorable event and a boost to a downcoast society that was coming out from WWII: the wedding dress was made by the Fontana Sisters and the little atelier in Rome went on to become one of the most important fashion houses in Italy.

Sposarsi in Italia, le location Italiane per il vostro matrimonio.

In recent years, the international celebrities began again to choose Italy as their wedding destination: Colin Firth and Livia Giuggioli, Città della Pieve 1997; Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Castello Odescalchi Bracciano 2006; Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster, Portofino 2007 in; Emily Blunt and John Krasinski, Lake Como 2010; Justin Timberlake e Jessica Biel, Salento 2012; George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin, Venice 2014. And also many Bollywood celbrities choose to get married in Italy, form Lake Como, to Tuscany, to Salento.
The weddings of the celebrity couples helped people to know new pictoresque venues. And many couples choose now villas, castles, ancient monastery or university to get married or host their guests.

Wedding destinations and venues in Italy.

First of all Tuscany and Rome! These destinations have many romantic locations for a memorable wedding. You can choose to get married downtown in an historic palace or in the countryside –in a villa or in a wineyard–in a context that perfectly mixes elegance, rusticity and relax, because  every top wedding venue ensure perfect accomodation with all necessary service. Your staying can therefore become a wonderful holiday, not only a magnificent “wedding day”.

Many foreigners actually choose to get married in Italy to have a relaxing holiday and visit the Country, or part of it.
The Lake District, in the North of Italy, offers also many wonderful wedding destinations. Lake Como, of course, but also Lake Maggiore and Lake Garda: lots of spectacular venues offer breath-taking scenarios and the opportunity to live a marvellous holiday. The Lake District is also near Milan and quite close to Venice and Florence –two hours by train, more or less– and therefore perfect to start a holiday.

Then Venice. Would you like to emulate George and Amal Clooney? You can. And you can also have your personalized dream because Venice offers really many unimaginable location.
From North to South of Italy there are many villas to choose from: different style and size, according to your desires and needs, especially the number of your guests.

And what about the seaside? Why not to choose a charming venue on the Amalfi Coast or in Salento where villas are called ‘masserie’? Many foreigners are discovering the 7.000 km of the Italian costline: sometimes wild, somtimes mild, always fascinating. And you should not forget that choosing a venue in the South of Italy, from Amalfi Coast to Sicily, you can find and maybe experience some very suggestive wedding traditions and a unique lifestyle.

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