Wedding at Vecchio Podere
9 October 2020

Wedding at Vecchio Podere.

Giada and Davide celebrated their Wedding in the splendid Location the Vecchio Podere, the Civil Rite was held in the small garden behind...

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Wedding at Bracciano Castle
6 June 2020

Wedding at Bracciano Castle

Erika and Alban are a couple from Miami, who decided to get married in our beautiful country by choosing the Odescalchi Castle in Bracciano...

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San Pietro in Valle Abbey
5 June 2020

San Pietro in Valle Abbey.

Cecilia and Valerio have decided to celebrate their wedding in Umbria, and more precisely in Ferentillo (Terni) in the wonderful location...

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Villa di Geggiano, Siena
4 June 2020

Wedding at Villa of Geggiano

Helen and Samuel decided to get married in Tuscany, in the splendid home of the Villa di Geggiano in the province of Siena. The...

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Matrimonio Campidoglio Hotel Forum
3 June 2020

Wedding in Campidoglio, Hotel Forum.

Jenna and Stephane married in a civil ceremony in the Sala Rossa of the Campidoglio in Rome. It was a very simple ritual with very...

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Label Wedding at Cerri Alti
18 May 2020

Wedding at Cerri Alti, Grosseto

Lorenzo and Gabriela decided to seal their union between the enchanting landscapes of lower Tuscany, celebrating the Religious rite ...

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Wedding at Odescalchi Castle, Palo Laziale
15 May 2020

Wedding at Odescalchi Castle, Palo Laziale.

Sara and Simone got married at the Odescalchi Castle in Palo Laziale and celebrated the civil ceremony inside the beautiful Cloister, then...

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Matrimonio Villa Miani
4 May 2020

Wedding at Villa Miani – Santa Maria in Transpontina

Valeria and Mario decided to celebrate the rite of their wedding in the beautiful Church of Santa Maria in Transpontina, located a few steps...

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