Wedding Photographer and Videographer Italy, Wedding Videographer Tuscany

Photographer and Video Reportage Wedding Rome

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Wedding Photographer and Videographer Italy – The Blackandlight visual team to stand out and stop unforgettable memories.

Those looking for a photographer and a video maker for a wedding of excellence in Rome, find reliable partners with consolidated experience in Blackandlight Film professionals. Our wedding reportages are proof of the quality of an original video-photographic work, tailored and of unquestionable class. Blackandlight Film loves to tell spontaneously and discreetly through the wedding photo and video, trying to let the moments of your most important day happen spontaneously and naturally.
Discover our wedding photos and video reports and foretaste the joy of your most beautiful day!

Wedding Photographer and Videographer Italy, Wedding Videographer Tuscany

Wedding reportage Italy – Blackandlight Film Filosofy

A true reportage for both the photos and the wedding video is the personalized project on which we work with every couple looking for a wedding photographer in Rome and entrusts us with their wedding video. The term “film” is now unusual to define a wedding video. Just like wedding photos are no longer static and tired images of the past.

Designing means giving shape to the wishes of the spouses, enhancing spaces, colors, lights and emotions. A visual project designed with the spouses guarantees a final product that meets expectations. A video wedding in Rome or Tuscany must be unique. Every married couple has different characteristics and tastes and wants to give their own mark to photos and to the wedding video. By understanding the spouses and their wishes, our professional team captures significant moments and transforms them into unique images.

A reportage for both the photos and the video of the wedding in Rome, Tuscany or the Amalfi Coast thus becomes a collection of unique and vivid memories. A married couple and their guests can relive over the years all the exciting details of a special day. For the Blackandlight wedding photo and video team there are no pre-packaged schemes or templates: we use advanced and innovative photographic video and post-production technologies to create original and high quality double wedding photos and videos.

Wedding Photographer and Videographer Italy, Wedding Videographer Tuscany
Wedding Photographer Italy

The wedding photos are the best memory of a married couple. The photographer is the professional who is entrusted with the task of capturing and fixing images that tell and keep a special story. A Blackandlight professional is a Rome wedding photographer who, with the spouses, designs the story to tell and lets it live naturally! We study your image and the image of your wedding party and tell the details telling the story of your love and the joy of your guests.

In a way that is complicit and never invasive, we make photographic shots that we transform into portraits and pieces of a precious narration.

We create a photo shoot that captures emotions, expressions and feelings, and then hugs, tears and colors of a unique day. We want to satisfy a dream and an expectation: we look at the feelings that bind you to your guests, the preparations and expectations that precede the ceremony, the dazzling joy of your smiles and the fairytale sparkle of your wedding party.

Our expertise uses state-of-the-art photographic and technical tools. And our knowledge of the most fascinating wedding venues in Rome and Tuscany allows to enhance the spaces and the lights of the memories of a wedding. The Blackandlight professionals will be able to make you feel protagonists of a fairy tale in the most beautiful wedding venues, historical residences, farmhouses and castles and of Rome; and also in Tuscany, Amalfi Coast and Northern Italy Lakes.

Video Matrimonio Roma
Wedding Video Italy

For Blackandlight Film, to say video marriage means to say marriage film, that is to tell a story, give it shape, bring out faces and fix emotions. The story we like to tell in every wedding movie is the most beautiful day of a married couple: the frenzy of preparation, the emotions of the wedding ceremony, the joy of the wedding banquet and the party with all the guests.

Our Blackandlight Film videomakers team has consolidated professionalism and experience in videomaking, photo design and sound design of marriage, and more. When we make a wedding video we apply a rigid quality control protocol, but that must first answer a question: does it excite me? A wedding film is a perennial memory that must not only revise images, but revive unique emotions.

We don’t have a unique style and we don’t follow a trend in making wedding films. We highlight in a simple and natural way the project of the bride and groom for their most beautiful day: from the location, to the decorations, to the faces and emotions of the wedding day. We shape your story and what you want to live with your guests, but without poses and without stress.

We take advantage of your knowledge of the spectacular wedding locations in Rome and Tuscany to naturally set your wedding film, enhancing games of light and color.

A wedding film will always be a moment to relive with pleasure because it contains so much professionalism and attention to detail, from the beginning to the end. In fact, we like to think of the music of your wedding film as something that belongs only to it and not to past memories or music of the heart, so we choose, we adapt, we sound and we modify every aspect of the audio part with effects and themes that become the column sound of your wedding movie.

Entrust us the dream of your wedding and we will make a fabulous and unrepeatable video story!

Reportage Matrimonio Roma

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