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A memory as important as the Wedding is something that will last for life and it can’t be caged in a word that everybody call “home movie”.
The images, the colours, the emotions, the sounds, will serve to recreate an unrepeatable, unique  atmosphere.
Something that we like to call “FILM” with a schemes-free setting, without pre-written or even pre-packaged templates, something that for the rest of life it can be called “Unique”.


We are an “artisan-squad” of videographers and Photographer , musicians, sound designers.
When we realize a Wedding Movie, there is a natural quality control that every video must pass : it must “create emotions” in ourselves, us first that we have create it.
Only in this way we can be able to transfer the emotions to whom entrusts our studio.
We don’t own ONE style, and we don’t follow a trend, everything starts from emotions and from recreating in a simple and natural way whatever you have organized for your wedding.
The author’s point of view doesn’t leave space for alibi or excuses, you create something and we create a film, without artificial pose, without the stress of the “ memory at every cost”.
We like to think about the music of your film as something that belongs only to it and not to past memories, or a favourite songs, so we choose, adapt, we make audible every aspect of the sound part with effects and themes that will be the soundtrack of your Film.

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